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Violitionist Sessions just posted our late night living room set from Denton, Texas last month, including live video of Falconer, Condense and Falling Together.

Check out the videos and read the interview:

Check out Spin Magazine's recent feature on “Dance With The Rambler's from The Young's recent Violitionist Session.

Amanda Palmer plays her song “In My Mind” accompanied by puppeteer Neil Gaiman assisting on sock-horse. Classic. Watch and download the full session at

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Amanda Palmer covers Lana Del Rey's “Video Games” while in bondage live in Denton, TX for the Violitionist Sessions. Watch the whole session and download free audio at


I was with Amanda in Denton, Texas, when she went to do a session of three songs, and an interview. Mostly I sat and wrote while a cat tried to make me stop writing and love her.  

Amanda suggested I sing Psycho as one of the three songs, so I did…

I am not going to post the third video here. That’s the one where Amanda plays “In My Mind” on the omnichord (is that what it was called?) while I attempt to distract her with a giant horse-headed sock on a stick.


Neil: I liked you until you started that weird relationship with that giant sock-horse thing.
Amanda: And then it was all over. That was the beginning of the end.
Neil: All over, all over…sock-horse!


Full session at

New Violitionist Session up featuring Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman together! Watch Neil sing the Leon Payne song “Psycho” with Amanda on backing ukulele. Amanda Palmer also performs Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” as well as her own song “In My Mind”. Follow us on Tumblr to stay up to date on the other videos. Watch and download the whole session at


Murder By Death, “No Oath, No Spell” live for (February 1, 2012)